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British Lupus Integrated Prospective System

Key Benefits

  • Software tracks Patients Health, Well-Being and Medication
  • Monitors  five internationally recognised indices - 
    • BILAG
    • SF-36
    • SLICC
    • SLAM-R
    • Selena Sledai
  • Provides Patient database with demographic data analysis
  • Provides patient questionnaires and live data capture screens
  • Provides storage for Clinical assessments, Lab results and Medication dosage
  • Monitors laboratory results, in Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology
  • Records treatment drugs and non-treatment drugs.
  • Monitors patient well-being in Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiovascular, Vasculitis Mucocutaneous, Renal, and General categories
  • Graphs category scores, lab results and drug dosage over time.
  • Powerful filtering and searching based on clinical assessments.
  • Share or compile data with collaborating clinics.
  • Single PC or network versions
  • Password protection for data security
  • Patient data stored in separate tables from patient names assures confidentiality.

Example Data Entry screen for SF-36

Based on the items which are recorded as being present a clinical score is calculated for each of the 8 systems.  The BILAG index scoring system has been derived by considering what features of SLE usually prompt a physician to increase disease-specific therapy (steroids or immunosuppresants). 

It is not the intention of the score to dictate treatment decisions. 


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