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BLIPS v3.11

British Lupus Integrated Prospective System

Upgrade to  BLIPS™ Version 3.11 Now !

Click button to download BLIPS 3.11 Upgrade (1.8 Mb)

This file is the latest BLIPS 3.0 application upgrade release and can be downloaded now by registered BLIPS users.

  • This is an upgrade only.  

  • It requires that you have BLIPS Version 3.00 - 3.10 previously loaded on your PC.

  • BLIPS Version 3.20 requires a data table upgrade please contact ADS-Limathon for details

  1. To run the download the upgrade file click the button above.

  2. Select save to disk to download BLIPS310.exe 

  3. Select the area of your PC, to where you wish to download eg C:\Temp

  4. After download you must run the BLIPS310.exe from your PC to complete the upgrade.

  5. Use Start \ Run on your desktop or double click the BLIPS310.exe from Explorer

  6. This will install a new application file (BLIPS300.mde) to C:\Program Files\BLIPS.

  7. Network users will need to re-connect to their data source.

  8. You will need to register the new release within 21 days of loading.

  9. Registration is free if you have a LimaCover annual maintenance contract.



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