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LIMA 4.0 Admin LIMA v4.0 Details

LIMA Version 4.0    

Key Functional Features

  • Creates an Inventory of all laboratory instrumentation
  • Creates a schedule for maintenance and calibration
  • Prompts before maintenance or calibration is due
  • Record all routine maintenance of all laboratory instrumentation
  • Record all instrument calibrations
  • Record all instrument services
  • Record all instrument faults, and breakdowns
  • Search on symptoms of previous occurrences for troubleshooting
  • Stores calibration and service procedures
  • Automatic Audit Trail on procedure changes and instrument edits
  • Stores service contract details, links to instruments covered
  • Records persons responsible for instrument and commissioning
  • Stores calibration methods, maintenance procedures
  • Tracks warranties, service contracts and response times
  • Calculates depreciating instrument value
  • Tracks instrument location.
  • Troubleshoot on your own instruments from your own stored data on similar instruments
  • Record instrument downtime and repair costs - measure reliability
  • Creates a database of instrument spare parts and consumables
  • Creates a database of suppliers of instruments, service, parts, etc
  • Multiple reporting options and filters
  •     Administrator Version now available

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