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Aspreva Lupus Management Study 

ALMS, the Aspreva Lupus Management Study, is a worldwide research study, sponsored by Aspreva Pharmaceuticals. ALMS is part of the Roche-Aspreva Collaboration Agreement, which will evaluate the effect of a study medication in the initial treatment of Lupus Nephritis (induction phase) and will assess how well it maintains this effect over longer periods (maintenance phase), when compared to the current standard treatments. The safety of the study medication in the long-term treatment of lupus nephritis will also be assessed.

The Aspreva Lupus Management Study is one of the largest phase III studies conducted in lupus nephritis. The first patient in this study was treated in July 2005. The global study aims to enrol over 350 patients  in clinics worldwide. 

Each of these sites will be using ADS-Limathon's BLIPS™ Version 4.0  as a tool to measure and record the effect of the study medication  on the enrolled patients. This section of the ADS-Limathon website provides software support to the clinicians and clinical research associates.

ADS-Limathon would like to acknowledge Aspreva Pharmaceuticals sponsorship and collaboration in the development of BLIPS Version 4.0 and wish them every success with the study.

Please browse the ALMS website for more information about the study.

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