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ChromView ™ 

Custom HPLC / GC / CE Application Database Service

Key Benefits

  • You provide only hard copy application notes
  • ADS-Limathon input electronic data
  • Software application and data is supplied royalty free

Limathon offer a confidential service to produce a complete Application Database of clients applications from hard copy chromatograms and methods.

Clients having many chromatographic methods on hard copy may have these inserted into a read only or read/write custom version of FastCAM.

A major benefit of ChromView is a unique chromatogram reproduction technique  developed by ADS which uses only 15-20Kb per method.

  • (This size excludes chemical structures in Chiral versions)

Limathon will take your hardcopy (printed) LC, GC or CE applications and methods and...

  • Provide a service to input all methodology data
  • Convert and database all chromatograms as vectored images (~15-20 Kbytes)
  • Index all application names and compound names for ChromSearch engine
  • Supply you a copy of the ChromView Program (read only)
  • Give you royalty free distribution rights to all the software
  • Provide a master CD complete with professional installation program

The main features of this service is to provide :

  • A confidential service to research laboratories and column or instrument companies
  • A searchable knowledge base for your chromatography application support
  • Ability to print methodology and chromatograms from the database
  • A databank of vectored image chromatograms which are easily retrievable
  • Royalty free use of vectored images for catalogues, brochures and internet
  • Ability to cut and paste all chromatogram objects to other windows applications.
  • Ability to resize chromatogram objects without distortion, or 'bitmapping effects'
  • Continued service for ad-hoc or regular updates. - monthly, quarterly or annual. .

The resultant ChromView™ Application Database and Chromatogram Images can then be distributed royalty free* over a corporate network, on floppy CD, or published on Internet / Intranet Web sites.

  • Publish your applications on Internet / Intranet .
  • Use them to generate brochures and catalogues
  • Complete application-to-web publishing service also available.

*Royalty free distribution applies to the read-only copies


  • File size of example chromatogram : 9Kbytes
  • Printed resolution will appear better than screen resolution

Application Data Input Prices


Number of Apps

Price Per App Total Database Price Total Database Price US $ Total Database Price €uro




$ 4000

€ 4000




$ 7500

€ 7500




$ 10000

€ 10000




$ 15000

€ 15000




$ 19000

€ 19000




$ 22000

€ 22000






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