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LIMA Version 6.0    

Limathon Instrument Maintenance Audit

    Key Benefits

    • Provides an Inventory for all types of instrument
    • Automates Maintenance & Calibration Schedules
    • Records complete Maintenance & Calibration history
    • Stores complete Maintenance & Calibration procedures
    • Tracks Warranties & Maintenance Contracts
    • Provides complete Audit Trail on instruments and procedures















What's New in LIMA 6.0

  • l Instrument Data Entry - Single screen for with tab forms - simpler to use
  • l
  • l Cardfile – single screen with tab forms, improves user navigation
  • l
  • l Maintenance and Calibration entries are fully audited with option of electronic signature and second user authentication of entry
  • l
  • l Calibration Limits now based on choice of %of value or % of range
  • l
  • l Calibrations now record values prior to and after calibration
  • l
  • l Support for Access XP, 2000 and 97 users


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