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Whats new in LIMA v4.0   

Limathon Instrument Maintenance Audit

Technical Changes Since LIMA 2000

    • 32-bit Architecture (Lima 2000 and Lima4.0 are 16-bit)
    • Supplied with Access XP runtime (Lima 4.0 was Access 97)
    • Totally recoded in VBA (Lima 2000 used macro and Access basic)
    • Screens resized for 800x600 resolution (Lima 2000 used 640x480)
    • Easy upgrade from PC to Client server
    • Tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and 2003
    • Not suitable for Windows 3.11 or NT4

Functionality Enhancements

  • International compliance for dates and currency
  • Filters available on Inventory screen
  • Calibration status indicators on inventory  J K L
  • Maintenance status indicators on inventory  J K L
  • New relational suppliers database
    • Multiple contacts in each company
    • Contact history log for each person
    • Document embedding in history log
    • Telephone directory
    • Web connections
    • E-mail connections
  • Snaphot Reports
  • Emailing of Reports
  • New Audit Trail
  • Ability to set calibration to % of Range or % of Limits




















Upgrading from LIMA v1.0, v2.0, or 2000

  • Additional functionality in LIMA v6.0 has meant additional data tables and fields. This will require your existing LIMA data to be returned for upgrading. All existing data is 100% compatible with LIMA v6.0 and can be migrated to the new version for a small charge.


  UPGRADE PRICES  to LIMA 6.0       


USA Europe

        % Discount for existing LIMA users

25% 25% 25%

        % Discount for existing LIMA users with LIMAcover support contract


 75%  75%
Migration of data from earlier version


$ 540 540
  LimaCover Annual Support Contract  

         Single PC


$ 540 540

         Network (% of full list price)


 20% 20%


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