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Product launch by ADS-Limathon Ltd

January 2001 

ADS-Limathon Limited have announced the aquisition a new product, SOPmanage™, from SECHI Ltd of Oxford.  The aquisition was initiated in late 1999, and ADS-Limathon moved quickly to make the product Y2K compliant for the existing customer base.  However  the  integration into the ADS-Limathon product range has delayed until now, to ensure that full customer support is in place for the product.  

The product is used to monitor and control the life-cycle of Quality Documents and Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring that only the latest version is in circulation at any given time. The product is an Access runtime database which works in conjunction with the user’s own copy of MS Word 95 , 97, or 2000, or Adobe Acrobat,  thus allowing the users to create their own template format. Two client versions are available - an administrator and a read-only viewer. SOPmanage takes care of the numbering system and the version control enabling administrators to create new draft procedure documents in MS Word from within the SOPmanage application. Copies for approval can be easily e-mailed to reviewers and once finally approved it can be released into the system immediately or in a controlled manner, sometime in the future. Older versions are automatically lapsed, so the viewer clients only ever see the current release. SOPmanage also provides scheduling and reminder facilities to users when document review dates approach and when drafts are overdue for release. Drafts and copies are printed as controlled documents with watermarks.

The product is widely used as part of quality management systems in large industrial, pharmacuetical, clinical, and health institutions in the UK, US and Europe, such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, Lagap Pharmaceuticals, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals , Bayer GmbH, World Health Organisation, and NHS Hospitals - to name but a few !

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