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SOPmanage Administrator

  • SOP Administrator functions are password protected
  • Allows creation of a new Draft SOP either from a blank template or from an existing SOP
  • Assigns a unique number to new SOPs and increments the revision number for existing SOPs. 
  • At Pre-approval stage, prints the SOP as hardcopy for approval signatures.
  • At Approved stage an electronic copy is made available for end users to view
  • Automatically prompts when revisions due
  • Automatically e-mails copy holders, signatories and authors prior to an SOP review date.
  • Automatically lapses SOP's if they pass their review date.
  • Produces management report on activity of SOPs over a define period
  • Integrates with MS Word
  • Integrates with MAPI and cc mail systems
  • Administators have comprehensive context sensitive helptext available.

SOPmanage Viewer

  • Can only view Approved SOP's
  • Can search on Keyword, Author, Department
  • Can print a temporary copy of the electronic document but this will display a validity statement indicating the lifespan of the copy.
  • Viewers can be configured to display only a subset of SOP's based on Codes and Departments
  • Helptext is available for all viewers.


Please Note: The current version of SOPmanage is being discontinued.

Please contact ADS-Limathon regarding the availability of a new product

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