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 Data Migration

ADS-Limathon is pleased to offer our data migration expertise on short or medium term contracts on a time and materials basis from our own offices, or a  clients site. ADS-Limathon have undertaken several large data migration and data cleansing operations,  both independently and as part of the client teams

This is a summary of the services we offer ...


  • Database Design 
  • Database Build
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration
  • Data Testing
  • Quality Procedures 
  • Documentation


NorWEB Electricity (3 months)

    As part of the 1998 Electricity Deregulation Programme, several large Legacy databases (25 million records x 30 data tables) of Electricity Customer Billing and Meter Information, required migration into one SQL and one Oracle databases of vastly different structures. Part of team of three using of Access /VBA/ Excel / Word and SQL Plus to map, cleanse and migrate legacy data  to Oracle. 

Girl Guides Association (10 months)

A team of two data migration analysts were tasked with the conversion of eleven differently structured Dos/Windows databases (Clipper, Foxpro, Dbase, Approach, Notes, Filemaker etc) into Access 97, then via ODBC/SQL to a single SQL server database. Involved considerable data cleansing using VBA and SQL. A separate knowledge base was developed to assist with compiling data mappings and data dictionaries.

The project was complicated by the requirement to keep all databases live until the SQL 'go live' date. This was achieved through taking a snapshot cut of each database, then Access applications containing hundreds of Access /SQL queries and VBA code to map, cleanse and migrate data, These queries were sequenced with macro/vba code. The testing was automated in a similar manner. Ultimately each live database was transferred in a single button press with only a few hours downtime for data processing and testing. Full documentation of data mappings, a data dictionary and a data knowledge base were produced.

Birmingham University (Ongoing)

In 1996, design and build of Clinical Lupus Researchers database in Access 2 commenced. This was followed in 1997 by the Data Migration of 10 years clinical research data from Dbase into Access2. Similar migrations for Leeds University and Middlesex Hospital were subsequently implemented. Later application conversion and data migration from Access 2 to Access 97 was successfully undertaken. Application development continued and the resulant application, BLIPS, was launched UK wide in 2000 and worldwide in 2001. The latest release, Version 5.0, was introduced in 2008. The application was also migrated in 2007 to a Java/MySQL web enabled application i-BLIPS, and Version 1.0 introduced in 2008. This is already in use by clinical researchers, lupus consultants and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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