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 Web Site Submission, Analysis and Optimisation

 A good website is the international shop window for all aspiring companies in the global village that is the 21st century. Most companies now have a good website but many are left wondering why few new customers visit and why search engines sometimes never get around to ‘spidering’ their website. Even when they do, their listing is never very high and then it slides downwards !

 Have you ever tried searching for your site using a keyword in the way your customers would? Are you horrified that unknown competitors list higher than you, or you don’t even list at all? Then read on……

Recently ADS-Limathon did an exercise for a top class international hotel situated on a championship golf course in Scotland. The hotel name consisted of the town name and ‘Golf Hotel’.  To our mutual amazement, when searching on the hotel's own name listed several bed and breakfasts and tourist hotels, above their own listing ! Worse was to come - many engines only listed the hotel's competitors and some even listed hotels from surrounding towns and even other golf courses.  Clearly this situation was costing a lot of lost international trade.

There was nothing sinister, underhand, nor illegal in the findings. This is actually a very common occurrence. Most search engines have limited text based intelligence and, with only a few exceptions, have no ability to distinguish between an expensive glossy corporate site and a single white page of html. The engines may use several different algorithms to assess to position a site in their listings, and if the page of html is well optimised and the then the engine will favour the optimised html over the expensive glossy but not optimised corporate counterpart.

All search engines require your site to be submitted to them in the first place. Even after submitting them they can take a few days to several months to list you. Some have even started charging £50 - £300 for the privilege of accepting your listing on a single site, without guaranteeing any position. It only takes 20 other cash rich companies to pay up, or horror of horrors, other better optimised sites get higher listing without paying, and you can see your site listing slide to page three and beyond. Lets face facts, who goes past the second page of a search results? Most people will redefine their search after scanning page one and two.

Once submitted, there are various rules which apply. Some engines are dependent on the number of keywords matching the search string, but others will reject you if you list too may keywords or repeat them ! Many search engines use the META-tags, again rejecting repeated use of keywords. Others engines search out text in the description, page title, or even in the body of the text. Some even check to see who else links to your site. None of them interpret images, so if your name is a graphic gif, it will be missed entirely.  Even when you do get listed, engines can drop you after 30 days! So how do you get to the top and stay there ?

In short, web design is only the first part of the job, the secret to a successful web site lies in search engine optimisation and submission. Optimisation is a continual cycle of the analysis of web site listings, and refinement of web page text, keywords, and meta tags, then resubmission of improved pages. It is something you can do yourself if you have the tools and the time. Be warned it can consume many hours each month for several months.

Alternatively ADS web developers have honed the skills required to optimise web sites to obtain high listings on major search engines. We have learned the idiosyncrasies of search engines and understand how each one operates. We have also have reviewed, tested and purchased automated web submission and reporting software which can search almost 300 international web engines for your site against specific keywords. Let us do the hard work for you !

  • We can search and report on 300 search engines each month for your site listings against keywords
  • We can submit on a regular monthly basis to sites which are not listing you
  • We can review your website and recommend optimisational changes, tips, and tricks of the trade
  • We can keep you informed of major changes to search engine technology

If you have invested in a website , don't sit back and wait for it to happen - get listed ! If you dont have a website we can build one for you.

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