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LIMAcover TimeLock



  • All ADS-Limathon software includes our proprietary TimeLockô module

    • Buy with confidence - TimeLock ensures a money back guarantee

    • Allows you to evaluate full working software for 21 days

    • You test the full program, using your own real data

    • Your evaluation time not wasted - you are entering real data !


  • If software evaluation successful then you register it.

    • Limathon supply you a code to unlock the TimeLock

    • You continue to use the installed software indefinitely

    •  You Save Time as you don't need to re-enter this data after registration

    • Alternatively you may restart with a clean database


  • If software not suitable for any reason - return all goods within 28 days

    • Full refund given or invoice cancelled

    • Assumes that the software has not been registered

  • WARNING - You will overwrite all data if you reinstall the program

  • WARNING - If you prefer to start afresh again at end of evaluation

    • Re-install the Software to overwrite your data

    • Print a new registration form and submit it to Limathon

    • Do NOT register the original installation


Please note we only issue evaluation software against payment or valid company purchase order, but TimeLock gives you 21 days from installation to evaluate all of our software.


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