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Annual Maintenance and Support Contracts for Limathon Software

Who needs Maintenance Contracts?

In our experience the first time you use a new program you’ll probably want to ask a few questions.  That’s why, whenever you purchase and register a Limathon software product, you are entitled to NINETY DAYS free access to telephone support - direct from Limathon Ltd, the authors of the software.  We are happy to say that we have resolved 100% of technical queries - so far!  Admittedly some have required additional programming, but its comforting to know that they’ve all been resolved and all free of charge.

But that is not the only time you might call us for help.

As time goes on you may need to cope with more information, your database may expand to less optimal proportions, you may need to transfer it to another machine or export it to a new server.  You may try a new procedure but not quite get it right.  Legislation may change, requiring increased audit trail or an additional custom report.  Operating systems, Windows environments, MS Office modules computers and networks are constantly being replaced and upgraded and are the most common reason for software malfunction.  Or, what if a hardware failure corrupts or locks your database, requiring program or data migration.?  Staff rotation or turnover can bring in new personnel with less experience, or maybe new ideas to implement.

Who needs a maintenance contract?

You do!

Software support is costly and from January 2000, Limathon will only accept support calls from companies who have opted for LimaCover support contracts or who have provided an open purchase order facility to debit any investigative or support time against.

 ADS-Limathon Ltd. is ISO9001 Accredited for Software Development, Manufacture and Support

LimaCover gives you

¨    Peace of mind , support and free revisions

¨    For up to two whole years

¨    With one single payment. 

¨    And the contract may be extended.

Here is how LimaCover can benefit you:

¨    A 12 or 24 month extension to your initial warranty.

¨    You will continue to receive free software revision upgrades, as required

Eg Version 3.01 through to version 3.99  - Free of Charge!

¨    You will be eligible for discount on any customization work, which you may specify.

¨    You will also be eligible for discount on any database repair work necessitated through no fault of the software e.g. - hardware failure, power interruption etc.

¨    You will be eligible for discount on non-routine servicing such as Database Compaction, Selective Archiving, Exporting, or Custom Reporting.

¨    If the database is damaged beyond repair due to hardware, power failure, misuse, etc , we will replace your software free of charge.

¨    A minimum of 50% discount on upgrades to new software versions or platforms

E.g. Version 3.20 to Version 4.00, 5.00 etc

¨    Telephone, Fax, E-mail support from 10am - 10pm GMT

¨    Access to Limathon Technical Support WebSite for free download of latest revisions

What does LimaCover Cost?

24-Month Contracts cost 30% of current list price of your version.

12-Month Contracts cost 20% of current list price of your version.

Large Networks and Site Support Contracts – Price on Application

·      This means you get full support plus an upgrade to the latest revision  each year for as little as 15% of the cost per annum.

Both contracts are renewable but prices may vary.  

ADS-Limathon Ltd. is ISO9001 Accredited for Software Development, Manufacture and Support



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ADS-Limathon is an ISO 9001 Accredited company
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