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What's New in BLIPS v3.20   

British Lupus Integrated Prospective System

Technical Changes Since BLIPS 3.00

  • v3.02 Helptext implemented
  • v3.02 Fault on Open Lab Results screen from Score Summary screen
  • v3.02 Fault on Medication button on Navigation screens
  • v3.02 Fault on Logon, password not being checked 
  • v3.03 Helptext upgraded to Context Helptext
  • v3.04 SLAM-R Platelet Count Options changed to 0,1,2,3
  • v3.04 BILAG Cardiovascular screen, Pleuropericardial pain Default value is set to null
  • v3.04 All Date() functions changed to Now() to support different releases of Access 97
  • v3.04 Immunology Reports (1) and  (2) report IgG and IgM correctly
  • v3.04 Assessment Summary Reports (1) report IgG and IgM correctly
  • v3.04 BILAG Immunology - Previous result carried forward if Yes/No is not answered
  • v3.05 Patient Switchboard - Bilag assessments now detected/listed if incomplete
  • v3.05 Scoring changed on Episodic Migrainous Headaches - update button implemented
  • v3.05 New Medication calculator implemented - update button implemented
  • v3.06 Immunology Reports (1) and  (2) - bug requesting F114 fixed
  • v3.06 SLICC screen page 4 - compilation error fixed
  • v3.06 Scoring Change: Renal score of B only triggered if Dipstick is 2 or more AND rising
  • v3.06 Improved graphing to include SF-36, SLICC, SLAM-R, Selena Sledai
  • v3.06 Improved graphing - Medication/Lab results overlaid on System Scores
  • v3.07 Improved / Debug on export facilities to Excel
  • v3.08 Datestamp on files exported to Excel
  • v3.09 Fault on Cardiovascular A scores  rectified
  • v3.10 Nephrotic Syndrome incorporated in Renal Scoring
  • v3.20 Incorporates multiple options for Proteinuria measurement as per BILAG 2004


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