Changes in BLIPS 4.0

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What's New in BLIPS v4.0 

  British Lupus Integrated Prospective System  

Changes Since BLIPS 3.20

  • Based on Access XP and supplied with Access XP Runtime

 Clinical Trial Features

  •  Secure data tables - users can not edit with Access
  •  Ability to switch off unused functionality
  •  Ability to switch off non-scoring screens
  •  Ability to switch off unused indices
  •  Use of patient numbers instead of names
  •  Ability to configure automated reporting options
  •  Generates non-editable Snapshot reports for sign off
  •  Ability to configure automated email of reporting options
  •  Full user audit trail
  •  Improved security logon
  •  Screens automatically calculate on exit
  •  Custom installation allows multiple trials to co-exist on any PC
  •  CRA review screen for monitoring data quality
  •  Secure System Admin - Users can not change system options
  •  Indicator if assessment changed since last report printed
  •  Fields default to null not zero - all fields must be completed
  •  Site code prefix to all assessments and patient IDs
  •  Study name  and site codes on all reports
  •  Case studies and Practice database available for training
  •  Already deployed internationally on trials of involving over 100 sites

Patient Monitoring / Acadmic Research Features

  •  Un-secured data tables - users can query data tables using Access XP
  •  System admin to switch off unused functionality and indices
  •  Increased demographic and reference id fields
  •  Ability to change or 'dummy' assessment if incorrect
  •  Ability to delete Assessments
  •  Ability to archive inactive patients
  •  Additional non-scoring screens for Lab Data
  •  Medication records

Clinical indexes and Data Entry Features

  •  Uses BILAG 2000 , with Proteinuria changes from BILAG 2004 -
  •  Colour highlight on previously scored items - prevents scores being missed
  •  Data entry by button click, typing or combo box selection - rapid data entry
  •  No involvement button - completes screen with zeros - rapid data entry
  •  Print off of blank BILAG questionnaire for use in Clinic

Upgrade Pricing

  UPGRADE PRICES  to BLIPS 4.0       


USA Europe

        Price for existing BLIPS users

350 $ 630 630

        Price for existing BLIPS users with LIMAcover support contract


 Free  Free
  LimaCover Annual Support Contract  

         Single PC


$ 425 425

         Network (% of full list price)


 15% 15%

         Transfer of existing  LIMAcover support contract to Version 4

Free  Free Free
Data Migration from BLIPS 3 to BLIPS 4        

         Single PC


$ 720 720


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