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HPLC Column Manager™  

 HPLC Column Tracking Software

  • Create an Inventory of all your HPLC Columns

  • Reserve columns for particular applications
  • View the availability of any column
  • Know the mobile phase left in the column by previous user
  • Create warning list to prevent damage or misuse to column
  • Store column test methods and performance limits
  • Record all column usage
  • Record all column validation results
  • Graph column performance
  • Record eluent and analyte quantities used with column
  • Create an Audit Trail on Column History
  • Print Inventory Report
  • Print Column Usage report
  • Print Column Audit Trail
  • Graph column performance over time

Includes free HPLC Reference Manager - worth over £300 !!

  • Column Reference database
  • Data on 2000 HPLC column materials
  • Recommended alternative materials
  • Applications database
  • Solvent properties, miscibilities
  • HPLC troubleshooting , etc, etc

Includes free ChromView Applications Database 

  • Includes 500 applications containing 2000 analytes
  • Upgradeable to 4000 applicaions and 20000 analytes

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