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HPLC Column Manager™  

 Software for HPLC Column Audit Trail

Described by one of the worlds largest HPLC column companies as "The ultimate computerised system for tracking and managing HPLC columns", HPLC Column Manager puts you in control of your HPLC column inventory.

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Key Benefits

  • Saves on equilibration time by advising which solvents are in any column
  • Saves on wasted analysis effort caused by contaminants from earlier usage
  • Extends the life of HPLC columns by ensuring the correct storage solvents are used
  • Saves money - automated graphing of column degradation over time identifies faulty columns and poor manufacturers. 

HPLC Column Manager 6.0™ is a Windows 95/98/2000/NT application designed to help HPLC laboratories manage chromatographic columns, eluents and applications.  The program is primarily of interest to larger operations that need to adhere to strict standards for column use and performance, but are of equal importance to laboratories who reuse the same column for a range of applications.  HPLC Column Manager™  provides numerous functions for tracking column use for liquid chromatography (LC) laboratories.  This includes support for several lab industry standards (GLP/GMP, ISO 9000, or NAMAS).

HPLC Column Manager™ version 6.0 (CM6) provides an audit trail on all LC columns used in a laboratory.  Records include inventory, log reports, suggested use, restrictions on use, user identification, dated performance history, and validation test results.  Column validation options include standards for peak retention times, resolution, theoretical plates, and efficiency, as shown in Figure 1. The program will recommend a column for a separation (based on user-defined criteria) and it has a module to help troubleshoot problems.  CM5 contains links to extensive online help and reference information,including a chromatography dictionary, solvent miscibility table, and ChromView™.


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