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Download HPLC Column Managerô 6.0 Demo 

Click button to download HPLC Column Managerô 6.0  PowerPoint Demo

This Demo file is our latest demo and can be viewed on-line now, or downloaded as a slideshows for Powerpoint 95, 97 , 2000, XP, or 2003 to view at your leisure. If you do not have Powerpoint and wish to download, please download Powerpoint Viewer now or request a BLIPS Powerpoint Demo by email using the form below.

Please note that downloading the above file will transfer the an exe file to your computer. This is a self extracting zip file containing the slide show. While it does not contain any program (exe) files some corporate firewalls will block any .exe files regardless of content.


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If you are unable to download or would prefer to receive the demo as an email attachment please request using the E-mail button (left). Please give provide us with your contact details and state whether you prefer the demo in Powerpoint or Acrobat format. A .ppt or .pdf attachment will be sent.


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