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Change Request Management

(Includes Impact Assessment)


  • Data entry screen for addition of new CR

  • CR Main Screen

  • CR Impacts Screen

  • CR Cost Assessment Screen

  • Directory screen with filters for retrieval

  • Review and edit screens

  • Reports generator, with filters, and report selector

  • Password /Security/Privelege system

  • E-mail notification

  • Audit Trail


CRs is one of the original features of the database. Change Requests are stored in separate tables from Risks / Issues etc. Impact Assessments and  Cost Assessments are stored in separate (one to many) related tables. Change Requests have a similar numbering system to Risk / Issues etc, but CRs are indexed separately.

Separate look up tables are shared with Issues system where possible for project names, domains etc. Every field in the three main tables are audited, and changes to all records stored a single CR Audit Trail table.

 Level Two security is required to view CRs and Level Three security to add  or edit Issues.


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