Risk Management

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Risk Management

(Also includes Dependency and Assumption Management)


  • Data entry screen for addition of new risks

  • Directory screen with filters for retrieval

  • Review and edit screen

  • Records actions and history

  • Reports generator, with filters, and report selector

  • Graph analysis of Issues Raised/Resolved, Owners, Impact Areas

  • Password /Security/Privilege system

  • E-mail notification

  • Audit Trail

Risks utilises the same tables as Issues, one field in the table being used to denote whether the record is a Risk or an Issue. Data entry and review screens are also shared with Issues, though the Risk ‘flag’ will add some screen fields.  The two types of record share a single numbering (counter) system, thus enabling a Risk to become an issue.

The Risk numbering system is DD-NN-R001, where DD is the domain code, PP is the project code, R denotes Risk (or A for Assumption, D for Dependency) and 001 is the counter. The counter is specific to the domain (ie each domain starts at 001) and is incremented by all projects in the domain, and by Issues, Risks, Assumptions and Dependencies. 

The Risk Register


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