LIMA Version 4.0

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LIMA™ Version 4.0

Maintenance and Calibration software launch by ADS-Limathon Ltd

November 2000 

LIMA 2000 (Laboratory Instrument Maintenance Audit) was released in 1998 after two years in development. It quickly became the definitive product for scheduling and recording of maintenance and calibration of a laboratory inventory. Early this summer (2000) LIMA Version 4.0 was successfully beta-tested at Nestle in France and St Thomas’ Hospital in London and is available immediately for new users.

 LIMA version 4.0 is a 32-bit Access 97 based product which runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT4. The product will run with Access 97 already installed but since it is supplied with Access 97 runtime, no Access version or licence is actually required. LIMA version 4.0 is available for a single PC or as a multi user client-server version. The program has been completely recoded in VBA with no macro language used. International issues such as local date formats and currencies have been addressed in a single version. Other improvements include new inventory filters on each field, and new calibration and maintenance status indicators showing for each instrument in the inventory. The screens have been resized for a minimum of 800x600 resolution allowing more detail on cardfile views. A new suppliers database has been introduced, with a telephone book lookup and direct e-mail and web connections at the push of a button. Contacts made with each supplier can be logged and documents or files embedded for reference.

 Further developments planned for version 4.0 include an Administrator version (due this year) followed by a user training records database, recording level of skills and authority of users. Electronic signatures for FDA  21CFR11 compliance are also planned for next year.

Unfortunately, the many functional improvements in this version have led to new datatables, so an upgrade from earlier LIMA versions means a return to base for your data tables. Users with LimaCover will not be charged for upgrading datatables.

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