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LIMA™ Administrator Version

Product launch by ADS-Limathon Ltd

May 2001 

ADS-Limathon Limited have announced the addition of a new product, in their LIMA™  (Limathon Instrument Maintenance Audit) range.

LIMA 2000 (Laboratory Instrument Maintenance Audit) was released in 1998 after two years in development. It quickly became the definitive product for scheduling and recording of maintenance and calibration of a laboratory inventory.

Continued development and collaboration with Nestle in Switzerland has resulted in a  brand new LIMA Administrator version for networks.

Charlotte Gancel of Nestle explained “We have twenty pc’s in labs around our site all using LIMA. Each PC can have multiple analysts or technicians accessing the programme each day. LIMA has good security, and GLP procedures are observed which prevented the alteration of stored data. It was becoming a major headache to control typographical errors, misnomers and the data inconsistencies between departments.”

ADS-Limathon’s managing director , Gordon Hamilton, conceded “ LIMA has become a victim of its own success! It was designed originally as a single PC system and quickly adapted for a small networks. While the system is functioning perfectly at Nestle, with over 60 users, we had not considered the burden placed on an administrator of such a large system.

Armed with Charlotte’s requirement specification and the under the guidance of Nestle Quality Manager, Mr Hugh Hose, ADS-Limathon set about to develop the new Administrator version of LIMA.

The Admin version features are entirely invisible to non-Administrator users but provides an extra  eight screens of Analysis, Editing Adding and for the first time Deletion for Administrators. All these functions have automated audit trail denoting original data and the new data.

LIMA™ Administrator, has all functionality of LIMA™ 4.0 plus additional functionality for administration of LIMA™. Users designated as Administrators in the internal system security module, will have access to new additional screens, which will remain invisible and inaccessible to standard users.

Eight new screens improve the ease and flexibility of system maintenance for Administrators of the database. Data entry errors and inconsistencies created by standard users can be corrected by an Administrator. Auxiliary look-up tables such as Instrument Profiles, Instrument Details, and Manufacturers can be easily accessed and modified. New System Security and User Responsibilities screens make personnel changes easy to accommodate. This is proving invaluable in a staff rotation environment. All screens are automatically audited, and all data changes are written to each individual instrument's Audit Trail.

ADS-Limathon Ltd would like to thank Hugh Hose and Charlotte Gancel of Nestlé (Orbe, Switzerland), for their assistance in specifying the new features in this product. 

LIMA is widely used as part of quality management systems in large industrial, pharmaceutical, clinical, and health institutions all over the world, including :

Nestlé (Switzerland and France), Esso (Singapore and Malaysia), Waters (Mexico), Procter and Gamble (Eire), Heineken (Holland), US Navy (Hawaii), Accordis (UK), and NHS Hospitals (UK) - to name but a few !

The Admin Version has been fully documented and is now available for sale. For further details and prices please refer to or e-mail

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