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About Our Products

  • Every desktop product Is supplied with
    • A User Licence Agreement
    • A unique User Serial Number
    • Production & Test Certificate
    • 100 page A4 size user's manual
    • Powerpoint demo/tutorial
    • 90 day warranty
    • TimeLock ™ 21 day 'Evaluate & Use or Return' Guarantee


  • Easy installation
    • Supplied in non-compressed format on CD_ROM
    • Microsoft compliant installation program for simple installation
    • Supplied with MS Access runtime (no MS Access licence is required)
    • Can be used with Windows™  95, 98, 2000 or NT4
    • Can be licenced for Single User, Multiple Users, or Network Users


  • Easy to get started
    • On-screen context help (Press F1)
    • Tool-tips on all icon buttons
    • Comprehensive user guide and tutorial


  • Software Security
    • Password protecred user logon in all software
    • Administrator / Data entry / Read only control
    • Comprehensive user guide and tutorial
    • All VBA code is inaccessible to users


  • After Sales Support
    • ISO9001 accredited software support
    • 90 day warranty and tel / fax / email support
    • Support available 10.00 - 22.00hrs GMT
    • LimaCover annual extended warranty contracts are available
    • Free revisions during warranty and extended warranty
    • Product Customisation service is available.
    • Contract / SubContract services available.
    • Data migration and data input service available 


  • Upgrading your software
    • Upgrade paths available from earlier versions
    • All products can be easily upgraded to future versions.
    • All products can be easily upgraded to network versions.


  • Software Licencing
    • 'Single PC' definition is once only installation on one PC.
    • Multiple users may access via a single PC
    • A separate licence is required for each PC installation
    • Network versions require an application installation at each Client
    • Each Client PC installation requires a user licence
    • The application can not be placed on a server for shared use

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