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Backing up Data in BLIPS 4 ALMS

One single database file can hold several years worth of valuable ALMS data, hence we can not stress too strongly, the importance of frequent and regular backup of the your BLIPS 4 ALMS data file, namely 

C:\Program Files\BLIPS 4 ASPREVA\Data\BLIPS4_W17801.dat 

Note: This name will be different for other Clinical Trials or standard version of BLIPS

            eg C:\Program Files\BLIPS 4\Data\BLIPS4Data.dat (standard version)

Whilst Microsoft Access is a robust database engine, and BLIPS is a highly tested application, neither have any control over numerous hardware effects, such as disk drive failure or network crashes, which can literally conspire to trash your database! You alone are responsible for such an emergency and the subsequent recovery process.

Always retain several periodic backups in case you are unlucky enough to back up an already corrupt database, or corruption occurs during backup.

One or more of the following backup methods should be considered: 

  • Back up to a network server
  • Back up to a different physical local drive (i.e. not partition)
  • Back up to a tape drive
  • Back up to a ZIP Drive 
  • Back up to a CD-Writer 

If you do not already have backup strategies in place, please consult your IT department for advice.    


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