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Installation Troubleshooting

Every CD Master produced by ADS-Limathon is tested on different versions of Windows with differnt versions of MS Office and in d8ifferent languages.  Each CD produced is individually test installed before shipping to ensure ease of installation. No two installation environments are the same and technical expertise on PC, Windows Operating System, or Network issues will exist in the local IT department. Commom problems we encounter during installation are listed below:

CD does not autostart 

If there are two CDs on the PC then try the other one. If there is only one then reboot the PC and retry or   use Windows Explorer to locate the CD and double-click the Setup.exe (application) file.

Errors Messages During Installation

If the installation is producing error messages  please reboot the PC and re-install. 

Also ensure that:
1. You are using the original CD, not a copy.
2. You have administrator rights on the PC – if not, then your system may prevent you from installing new software.
3. You have enough disk space on your C: Drive, you need 100MB for BLIPS, but Windows still needs more free space above this.
4. You have read /write privileges to C:\Program Files

Errors Messages On Starting BLIPS

1. Ensure BLIPS is being started from the Start - All Programs - BLIPS 4 ALMS menu. 

2. Check that the installation was created in 
            C:\Program Files\BLIPS 4 Aspreva and not in C:\Programs\BLIPS 4 Aspreva
3. Check that the that the data table file was created in 
            C:\Program Files\BLIPS 4 Aspreva\Data. 
4. Check that the reports folder exists at 
            C:\Program Files\BLIPS 4 Aspreva\Reports. 
5. Check that the computer’s date and time are correct. Do not turn the clock back if 21 day registration period has elapsed. 

6. Ensure users have been created in ADMIN

7. Ensure there is a Site Code for each user in ADMIN

8. Do not open BLIPS directly from within MS Access using File - Open



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