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BILAG Category Scores

For each of the eight systems an overall category score is calculated on the Assessment Score Summary screen:

Category A

This denotes disease sufficiently active to merit treatment of the disease process (as opposed to symptomatic therapy). It relates to acute or progressive/recurrent problems. For Example: conditions require more than 20mg prednisolone, or new or additional cytotoxics. Category A scores 9 points in the Score Summary.

Category B

Denotes awareness of a potential problem. It comprises acute lesions that are either new or progressive but are less severe than those in A, or mild reversible features. For Example: conditions require less than 20mg prednisolone, antimalarials, NSAIDS (alone or in combination are required. Category B scores 3 points in the Score Summary.

Category C

Indicates current involvement of a system insufficient to score A or B. For Example: conditions for which symptomatic therapy would be sufficient (i.e. no indication of new or change in immuno-suppression. Category C scores 1 points in the Score Summary.

Category D

Indicates previous involvement of a system that has now resolved. Category D scores 0 points in the Score Summary.

Category E

Indicates that the system has never been involved. Category E scores 0 points in the Score Summary.

Remember - Based on answers, which you enter, the computer will calculate a clinical score.  This scoring system has been derived by considering what features of SLE usually prompt a physician to increase disease-specific therapy (steroids or immunosuppresants).

It is not the intention of the score to dictate treatment decisions. 


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