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  1. What Specification does my PC need ?
  2. Installing BLIPS v4.05 for ALMS
  3. Upgrading earlier BLIPS version 4.0 to BLIPS v4.05
  4. Removing older shortcuts from the Start Menu
  5. Installing Snapshot Viewer
  6. Installing BLIPS Practice Version
  7. Installation Troubleshooting
  8. BLIPS Registration
  9. Logging On For the First Time
  10. Running Multiple copies of BLIPS
  11. How do I score (0-4) patients in BILAG ?
  12. What do the BILAG Scores (A-E) mean ?
  13. Backing Up ALMS Data
  14. What's New in BLIPS v4.05 ?
  15. BLIPS Product Info


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